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About me:
I am a freelance modelmaker, designer and sculptor. I work mostly in plaster and provide a model or mold to the customer made of the material of their choice. I use a number of techniques to create models: Screeding, turning, sculpting in plasteline, or carving bas-reliefs. As a starting point to create a relief I have magnesium plates made from black and white artwork. This is helpful because it saves time, and if the client is doing a logo for licensing, for example, it maintains the look of the customer’s logo. I can make models from your drawings, a photograph, verbal description, or design a products from scratch. I can make models, blocks and cases for all types of ceramic production. . I can model anything to fit your jiggering machines. Blocks for jiggered items with edges that are not round (Scalloped) are no problem. No modeling project is too complicated.
Upon graduation from Alfred University, where I learned ceramic modelmaking and production, I worked briefly for Stangl Pottery in Trenton, then for nearly thirty years I worked as a modelmaker, and conventional modeling supervisor for Pfaltzgraff Pottery in York PA.
I also have extensive experience in troubleshooting pottery-forming problems. Ram Press forming, for example, has many variables, any one of which can affect forming efficiency. Even the orientation of particles in the clay slug can cause cracks if the die and riggits push the limits.
A challenging assignment is always welcome, and since I live from project to project it is imperative that I give my clients good value for their money so I will get repeat business. I have experience with epoxy resins, silicone rubber, and urethanes. My fee is $35/hour. I only bill for the time I am actively working on a project. If I pour plaster, for example, I don’t charge for waiting for the plaster to set. I can go and work with the horses, or cut firewood while I’m waiting for the wax to melt, the plasteline to soften or plaster to set up. As a modelshop supervisor I have years of experience creating schedules for modelmaking. Although it is not east to predict a process with many variables, I’m always happy to provide an estimate.

While at Pfaltzgraff I had the opportunity to learn CAD-CAM modeling but passed it up because I’d rather work with my hands instead of a monitor and mouse. After the company spent millions on CAD-CAM equipment and training, my modelshop would be the first option if they needed something done quickly, or if it was too sculptural to be modeled on a computer.
Recently I’ve been designing, and making models for local foundries for serveware, and cabinet hardware products. Presently I’m looking for more clients so I can spend more time in my studio.
I enjoy a model making or design challenge, and since leaving Pfaltzgraff the variety and complexity of projects I’ve worked on has been very fulfilling.

My wife and I met because we were both research volunteers for Dr. Eugenie Clark, a marine biologist. I spent on month per year for twelve years helping Dr. Clark study fish behavior all over the world. I was named a co-author of several scientific research papers while assisting Dr. Clark. One of my responsibilities was to design and create devices she needed to collect data underwater.

About Patrice:
Patrice is a vivacious whirlwind who spent the early part of her life in California. She settled in the Washington D.C. area in the 80’s and became a successful Stock-Broker.
To satisfy a yearning for travel and adventure, she took up SCUBA diving, and traveled the world on dive adventures. She went on several dive trips as a research assistant to Dr. Eugenie Clark, the famous ‘Shark Lady’ ( www.sharklady.com ). Through Genie she met her husband Tom who had been assisting Genie for some time.
In 2000 Patrice became an Investment Advisor with President and Portfolio Manager Benjamin Peress of Peress Investment Advisors.
In 2003 Patrice and Tom were married, and nine monthe later they got horses. After years of having a annual vegetable garden, Patrice decided to create a weekend Farm Stand to sell the excess produce. The baked goods, jams, and other items followed soon afterward.
In 2009 Patrice became a part-time antique dealer by renting a space at Partners and Friends Antique Center at 403 N. 3rd St. Columbia PA. She goes to auctions and then sells her finds along with household knick-knacks.
Patrice enjoys making all kinds of baked goods, and is always searching for new recipes, as well as those given to her by her 109 year old grandmother.

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