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My primary objectives are to provide services to Manufacturers who need three dimensional models of an intended product, or anyone who needs something to be fabricated in three dimensions. 
This website’s objectives:

Make it easy for interested individuals to check out examples of my work and feel comfortable with who we are, and that we can meet their requirements.

Some of the things I do:

  • Create three dimensional models for product prototypes that manufacturers can send to someone to make a matchplate, to their mold shop, or have it scanned to be milled on CNC. I can also make ‘master molds’ for slip casting, Ram pressing, jiggering machines, and dry press. For foundries I will also provide set-up molds to speed matchplate making process.
    I can make models from drawings, a sketch, a verbal description, or design a line of shapes to fulfill a marketing strategy.
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  • Bas-Relief sculpting, all types of production pottery design, model, and mold making, Consulting service for pottery forming problems. Creating anything three dimensional such as ornamentation on picture frames and old buildings.
  • To provide service to my customers in the most efficient way possible:
    By using my services it is not necessary to add another employee to their payroll. Since my income depends on a steady stream of projects it is imperative that I provide high quality work that is competitively priced so I get return customers.
  • If a company is sourcing their manufacturing, and they send a prototype I made,  they know what the finished product will look like. There will be no long waits to receive product that wasn’t exactly what they wanted.
    Although CAD CAM produced items can have greater accuracy, my overhead is much lower without the investment in expensive machinery. Prototyping can be accomplished much faster with my techniques, at a lower cost.

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